[MacPorts] #44704: octave:Undefined symbols for architecture x86_64: "_gl2psDisable"

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#44704: octave:Undefined symbols for architecture x86_64: "_gl2psDisable"
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Comment (by michaelld@…):

 So it looks like the buildbots are running (according to the compiler

 * Lion (10.7): clang 425.0.28
 * MTL (10.8): clang 421.11.66

 On my 10.8 install I'm running "clang 503.0.40" (3.4 of some sort; Xcode
 5.1.1). This compiler works for this issue. When I use "configure.compiler
 =macports-clang-3.3", the build fails with the errors listed on this

 Thus, the actual issue -seems- to be that a C++ header defining a class
 contains inlined code which is being brought into the object by the
 compiler. Newer compilers are smart enough to discard the code since it's
 not actually being used; hence, the required symbols are not undefined for
 clang 3.4+ (Xcode 5.1+). I'm guessing that the older compilers don't have
 these "new smarts" and thus the issue.

 One solution is to ban the use of older compilers. Another is to simply
 move the code from the header to the C++ file so that it is compiled into
 the library. There isn't much code in this regard, so it seems the lesser
 thing to do. I'll try it out & if it works push it upstream.

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