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#46911: wcslib install fails
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 Component:  ports             |    Version:  2.3.3
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Comment (by david.w.watson@…):

 Replying to [comment:6 john@…]:
 > Thanks! That's clear. It looks like I wasn't, though. My intention is
 that you should run the command:
 > {{{
 > nm /opt/local/lib/gcc48/gcc/x86_64-apple-
 darwin13/4.8.4/../../../libgfortran.dylib | grep
 > }}}
 > The `$` in my original text indicates your shell prompt -- the intention
 is "you type things here". The next line is the response that you should
 get back (ie, in this case `nm` has found the symbol you were looking for,
 and prints some information about it. If the symbol isn't found, you'll
 get no output). Grepping for "0000000000081e7c" is not telling us anything
 > Sorry for being unclear!

 Tried again, I'm told:

 error: nm: can't open file: opt/local/lib/gcc48/gcc/x86_64-apple-
 darwin13/4.8.4/../../../libgfortran.dylib (No such file or directory)

 Turns out that there's a symbolic link
 /opt/local/lib/gcc48/libgfortran.dylib to
 /opt/local/lib/gcc/libgfortran3.dylib. wcslib is looking for a
 libgfortran.dylib that does'nt exist.

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