[MacPorts] #46949: KDE ports fail due to iconutil to generating icons

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#46949: KDE ports fail due to iconutil to generating icons
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 All the KDE ports fail to build on my machine:
 - Yosemite 10.10.1
 - Xcode 6.1.1

 When I check the log files, I always see a command line with iconutil to
 generate a icns file from a iconset, followed by a failed copy of the
 When I check the build directory, the iconset file is present, but not the
 icns file that should have been generated.
 Executing the command with sudo generates the icns and I can then
 successfully resume the build.
 Ports with lots of icons are a pain… I have to repeat this for each icon.

 I tried settings the suid bit, the sticky bit, replacing /usr/bin/iconutil
 with a script that does a sudo.
 Nothing. The icns never gets generated.
 I'm really clueless.

 :info:build [100%] Generating pairs_SRCS.icns
 :info:build cd
 && /usr/bin/iconutil --convert icns --output
 :info:build Copying OS X content
 :info:build /HDD/opt/local/bin/cmake -E copy
 :info:build Error copying file
 to "game/pairs.app/Contents/Resources/pairs_SRCS.icns".
 :info:build make[2]: ***
 [game/pairs.app/Contents/Resources/pairs_SRCS.icns] Error 1
 :info:build make[2]: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs....

 Attached, the full build log for the port pairs.

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