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#46994: Most of us have heard the signal
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 Most of us have heard the signal often cited Dan John about keeping closer
 to the body kettle bell and "True Cambogia" This works fine,
 [http://www.healthybiocare.com/my-view-about-true-cambogia/ True Cambogia]
 but I still often find that many trainees will allow kettle bell drifting
 below the knees that can wreak havoc on the lumbar spine.

 This is more of an "eyeball" what-you-see-is-what-you-get observation, but
 if it's something you are or your customers they do, it would be a good
 idea, you know.

 2. Allow the kettle bell to "get away".

 This was actually something I got from one of my clients who heard it from
 Dr. Stuart McGill who think they heard of Han Solo. But I can not support

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