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#47000: Seems that the reduced response
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 Seems that the reduced response in the elderly may be explained by a
 decrease in the content of the muscle cells and the activity of mTOR and
 p70S6K, kinases involved in two [http://www.healthybiocare.com/my-view-
 about-true-cambogia/ True Cambogia] address protein synthesis (2,5).
 According to this research, it has been shown that elderly subjects
 require a large number of amino acids, namely leucine, (the amino acid
 responsible for stimulating protein synthesis) to maximize protein
 synthesis compared to young subjects (7-9 ). Furthermore, it appears that
 decreasing the anabolic response in elderly may be due, at least in part
 to the increased production of reactive oxygen species (ROS) with age. EOR
 has been shown to decrease the activity of mTOR and inhibit protein
 synthesis (10).

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