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#47918: [Port Abandoned] pike
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Comment (by exodusd@…):

 Replying to [comment:1 mf2k@…]:


 Sorry, I just noticed the emails from the ticket system. I think I owe you
 a short explanation: several years ago I was working on a project where we
 used the pike port (which in turn required the nettle port). Back then I
 was working with Mac OS X and tried to get pike and nettle deployable via
 MacPorts to make it easier to deploy our own software, too (a cooperative
 elearning system we developed at university). Since then I've changed jobs
 and am nowadays no longer working on these projects. In fact, I'm actually
 not working with Mac OS X anymore, so I couldn't even test any changes...

 I'm sorry for leaving you out in the cold with these projects, but I will
 have to step down from maintainership... Could you remove me from the
 maintainer list of pike and nettle? Or is there a way I can do this
 myself? If I remember correctly then this was managed by entering ones
 email address in the buildfile or project file - though I don't have a
 MacPorts build environment anymore, so I don't know if I am able to do

 Again, sorry for abandoning the projects - I believe you at least deserved
 a reaction on my part...

 Best regards,

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