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#47861: Problems with upgrading to Yosemite OS
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Comment (by spongda@…):

 Replying to [comment:9 ryandesign@…]:

 I have the Intel ifort and the gfortran compilers installed, but these
 were done outside Macports. I just did the port install of gcc49 and now
 the atlas port seems to have successfully completed. Thanks.

 > Replying to [comment:8 spongda@…]:
 > > Haven't gotten the atlas install working yet; this was part of octave.
 Not sure why it doesn't think I have a Fortran compiler present, as I have
 several installed.
 > Which ones do you have installed? Judging by this output...
 > {{{
 > $ port variants atlas
 > atlas has the variants:
 > [+]clang: use XCode clang and gfortran
 >      * conflicts with gcc47 gcc48 gcc49 mpclang34
 >    gcc47: build using macports-gcc-4.7
 >      * conflicts with clang gcc48 gcc49 mpclang34 perf
 >    gcc48: build using macports-gcc-4.8
 >      * conflicts with clang gcc47 gcc49 mpclang34 perf
 >    gcc49: build using macports-gcc-4.9
 >      * conflicts with clang gcc47 gcc48 mpclang34 perf
 >    mpclang34: use mp-clang-3.4 and gfortran
 >      * conflicts with clang gcc47 gcc48 gcc49 perf
 >    nofortran: Forgo use of fortran compiler
 >    perf: Uses clang-mp-3.4 for C and dragonegg-3.4 for Fortran
 >      * conflicts with clang gcc47 gcc48 gcc49 mpclang34
 >    universal: Build for multiple architectures
 > }}}
 > ...atlas only supports the fortran compilers in the dragonegg-3.4,
 gcc47, gcc48, gcc49, and gfortran ports.

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