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Mon Jun 1 12:46:35 PDT 2015

#47896: submission: cpuid
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      Port:  cpuid        |
Changes (by ionic@…):

 * cc: larryv@…, ionic@… (added)


 Missing Id line.

 This is not a license.

 `long_description` messed up.

 `PortGroup` should come (directly) after `PortSystem`. I'm surprised this
 even works.

 `${configure.ldflags}`, `${configure.cppflags}`, `${configure.cc}` not

 This port has probably deserved being `universal`, too (note that
 `use_configure no` removes the implicit `universal` flag.)

 Misses a dependency on `libgnugetopt`. Should not use the internal version

 What the hell is CHUD? We probably don't want this either.

 There's likely some other stuff I missed.

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