[MacPorts] #47929: llvm-gcc42 @2336.11_2 fails building on 10.6.8

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Tue Jun 2 07:05:01 PDT 2015

#47929: llvm-gcc42 @2336.11_2 fails building on 10.6.8
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      Port:  llvm-gcc42  |

Comment (by ryandesign@…):

 Looking more closely at the error, it is wrong (and surely the cause of
 the error message) that Xcode llvm-gcc42 is trying to load a library that
 was just built for MacPorts llvm-gcc42, but that can probably be explained
 by the build system setting `DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH` to its own build
 directory. I see in the log that the configure script determined that
 `DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH` could be used, and setting it to a build directory
 will have the effect of any program using the libraries in that directory
 instead of wherever the program was configured to look for them normally.
 We could simply blacklist Xcode llvm-gcc42 as well, and MacPorts will move
 on to the next-best compiler.

 As to why MacPorts didn't use Xcode gcc42 on your system as it did on
 mine: the only explanation I can come up with is that you might be using
 Xcode 4.2, which does not include gcc42. Is that the case?

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