[MacPorts] #46896: LaTeXML: update to 0.8.1 and fix Perl branches

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#46896: LaTeXML: update to 0.8.1 and fix Perl branches
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Comment (by bruce.miller@…):

 Thanks for your comments; I certainly don't want to interfere with Mojca's

 Indeed, this really should be thought of as an application rather than a
 perl module. And in principle, it should work with any non-obsolete
 version of Perl.  (Of course, with newer versions, occasionally there's a
 new warning or such that calls for an update).

 I'm slightly less fond of the "pick a single perl version" approach, as
 that caused a big headache in the past. There was a long gap between
 "official" releases of LaTeXML (although lots of github activity) and the
 macport was stuck on perl 12, which had gone obsolete.  Of course, my
 intent is not to let such a long gap reoccur, but nevertheless.

 If there was an automatic mechanism to update the LaTeXML port whenever
 the official default perl changed,
 I'd be fine with that, but that doesn't seem to be a possibility at
 present(?).  Does perl itself get
 automatically updated whenever there is a change to the default version?

 So my intention was similar to what Mojca was proposing in the sense of:
 Use whatever perl the user currently has installed, whether or not it's
 the current default perl.  I'm not sure if that's exactly
 what Mojca's patch achieves, but her patch sounds close enough isn't it?

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