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#47935: py34-scipy doesn't include weave
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 I've got both py27-scipy and py34-scipy installed, and weave is missing
 from the latter.

   py27-scipy @0.15.1_0+gfortran (active)
   py34-scipy @0.15.1_0+gfortran (active)

 I have:


 but not


 I can't see any indication from the package info or variants that there's
 any way to configure it differently to include/exclude weave, and the
 scipy docs seem to suggest any installation of scipy will include weave,
 so not sure why this would be the case.

 py34-scipy seems to be installed pre-built from binaries (?), so wondering
 if its an issue with the build, or a technical problem with weave being
 pre-built? (i.e. does it need to be built locally?)

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