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#47952: llvm-3.5 @3.5.2_3 fails to build
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 Component:  ports              |    Version:  2.3.3
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      Port:  llvm-3.5           |
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 * port:   => llvm-3.5


 Hmm, the log has 34 occurrences of:

 ld: warning: no bits should be set in UNWIND_PERSONALITY_MASK of compact
 unwind encoding in __LD,__compact_unwind section

 followed by:

 malformed __eh_frame section: FDE points to CIE outside __eh_frame section
 for architecture x86_64

 These same errors were mentioned in #36026 by someone trying to build
 llvm-3.1. The issue was eventually traced to a race condition when
 building ld64, which was fixed by r98868.

 I see in your log that you are building on /Volumes/SAN. A SAN will have
 different timing characteristics than a local disk. I wonder if a race
 condition still exists, but that it was just not observed builds done on
 local disks.

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