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#47951: tmux: moved from SF to Github
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 Replying to [comment:4 tessarek@…]:
 > But I was wondering something else right now. With github, you can
 actually retrieve commit points w/o using git at all.
 > e.g.:
 > {{{
 > https://github.com/tmux/tmux/archive/<hash>.zip
 > }}}
 > This has 2 advantages: no dependency on git, and you can use checksums
 for the devel subport. This also means I could use the same mechanism for
 the main port, or use the .tar.gz files.
 > Let me think about this a bit. Maybe ryandesign at macports.org has some
 input on this.

 The github PortGroup does this automatically unless you stop it from doing
 so. You can check by running `port distfiles tmux-devel` -- which should
 give you a HTTP URL.

 > P.S.: Is there a way to 'mention' a person with @username in this ticket
 system, so that this person gets an email as well?

 No. I've Cc'd Ryan for you.

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