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#47972: LaTeXML: texlive-related improvements
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Comment (by mojca@…):

 Replying to [comment:3 bruce.miller@…]:
 > I think texlive-basic is too low; you'd really want latex or not bother
 > installing tex at all.

 OK. But for the buildbot I still see no reason to bother with installing
 LaTeX first. (I would actually try if one could install the file without
 any tex being present at all. That would speed up the build on the
 buildbot a lot.)

 > The mktexlsr in the Makefile is coded to be innocent, if noisy, so it
 really shouldn't cause a problem.

 I agree.

 > I'm adding another switch to disable mktexlsr to be used in staged
 installation, like MacPorts & rpm.
 > But it won't make it into CPAN until the next release.  Is this problem
 maybe ignorable for now?


 > > (I don't know what happens if you ask for `texlive.mktexlsr` in a
 `post-activate` step on the buildbot. Maybe we should test and file a bug
 report if it fails ;)
 > Is `texlive.mktexlsr` intended to be a safe way replacement for `system
 "mktexlsr"`? If so, it seems the right thing do use.

 Yes. Here's what it does:
 # update texmf file path databases (ls-R)
 # This should be run in the post-activate/deactivate hooks of any port
 # that installs texmf files. It updates the kpathsea database using
 # mktexlsr (formerly texhash), as well as ConTeXt's cache.
 proc texlive.mktexlsr {} {
     global prefix

     # Run mktexlsr. If that's not available, something's wrong.
     system "${prefix}/bin/mktexlsr"

     # If mtxrun is available (i.e. ConTeXt is installed), update its
     # cache too. If it's not installed, that's OK.
     if [file exists "${prefix}/bin/mtxrun"] {
         system "${prefix}/bin/mtxrun --generate"

 The main difference is that it runs `system "${prefix}/bin/mktexlsr"`
 (with prefix included). The only other difference is that it rebuilds the
 index also for ConTeXt if installed (which is most likely irrelevant for

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