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#47972: LaTeXML: texlive-related improvements
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Comment (by mojca@…):

 * I'm saying is that we might want different dependencies on the buildbot
 than on the "user site". It's 100% useless is the buildbot tries to
 install the complete TeX Live just for the sake of copying one single
 plain text file under `$prefix/share/texmf`. Users won't benefit a dime
 from the buildbot installing the whole TL.

 * I'm not familiar with LaTeXML either, but from what I understand it's
 also useful without TeX to some extent. Currently the default installation
 doesn't even install any LaTeX style *at all*. So basically users who want
 to take advantage of some of that functionality have to rebuild it
 manually anyway. Wouldn't it be so much better and user-friendly if the
 '''default''' installation would ship with those two tiny style files? (It
 would then be up to users whether they want to install the rest of TeX
 Live or not. We could still provide a `+texlive` variant pulling in the
 dependencies if necessary.)

 * Now that I think of it there's no good reason why `+texlive` and
 `+mactex` should conflict (as long as the implementation is adjusted). The
 variant just installs two additional text files. The port could install
 those files to both locations, so that users who switch between TeX Live
 from MacTeX and MacPorts would have latexml fully functional under both

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