[MacPorts] #47997: Noob question...can't get tmux to load .tmux.conf

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Mon Jun 8 21:36:57 PDT 2015

#47997: Noob question...can't get tmux to load .tmux.conf
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 Hi Macports crew and tessarek,

 I've been giving tmux a whirl recently and I like it a great deal. Today,
 I wanted to leverage the whole tmux plugin manager thing. Unfortunately,
 it seems that tmux does not read my configuration file -- .tmux.conf.
 Well, at least not properly.

 It seems that it ignores all settings, so I'm not able to alter anything
 or access the TPM from within tmux. I did try saving a phony command in
 the config file -- which tmux identified as being anomalous -- so tmux is
 actually reading it.

 I have no idea what's going wrong, though I will indicate what I've tried
 already. I have made sure to kill all tmux sessions. I've quit the
 Terminal app. I checked out Activity Monitor to confirm that no instances
 of tmux were running. This I did and still the issue persists.

 Any help would be greatly appreciated.

 I've also attached my .tmux.conf file.

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