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#47806: OpenCoarrays @1.0
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Comment (by damian@…):

 Replying to [comment:1 ryandesign@…]:
 > This port is a prerequisite for #47426.
 > The use of `use_configure no` is a cause for concern, because it usually
 implies that the port is not UsingTheRightCompiler or `-arch` flags and
 doesn't have a universal variant so these things have to be done manually
 in the port. If you're using fsf gcc then that further complicates things,
 but I'm not sure if you are using gcc, since you've declared a dependency
 on gcc5 but haven't given any configure arguments or environment variables
 telling the build to use it.

 In hopes of responding more directly to your question, gcc5 is required
 for _using_ OpenCoarrays but it is not required for _building_
 OpenCoarrays.  Therefore, the depency on gcc5 exists because we assume
 someone building OpenCoarrays also wants to use OpenCoarrays.  However,
 there is no need for configure arguments or environment variables to tell
 the build to use gcc5 because earlier versions of gcc are perfectly
 capable of building OpenCoarrays.  We just want to make sure the user has
 gcc5 installed before they use OpenCoarrays so the easiest way to do that
 is to make sure it gets installed before they build OpenCoarrays.

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