[MacPorts] #48024: charm-qt5 @1.8.0_20150312: cannot evaluate portfile

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Thu Jun 11 15:10:10 PDT 2015

#48024: charm-qt5 @1.8.0_20150312: cannot evaluate portfile
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Comment (by rjvbertin@…):

 Replying to [comment:8 mk@…]:
 > Is the above to be added to the diff?

 No, that's an extract from the diff, highlighting something I think must
 be an error in the current portgroup (lines starting with '-').

 > The diff (at least) seems to have quite many changes...

 As I said, many of those changes are simply due to the fact I've
 reorganised the file a bit so relevant things are easier to catch. Most of
 that is grouping the path variables' global declaration and explanatory
 comment together, and the actual definitions in another block.

 > Is that going to be compatible with the current qt5-mac port?

 If you mean with the current Portfile: I think it should. I added the one
 variable I noticed that was introduced (qt_archdata_dir) and my version
 didn't have.
 It should also work with dependent ports.

 > Do you mean by "(and rebuild)", that we have to revbump qt5-mac and let
 the builder chew through that?

 Basically, yes. If ever there's an opportune moment for such a thing it'd
 be one like now, I guess.

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