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#47806: OpenCoarrays @1.0
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      Port:  opencoarrays      |

Comment (by petr@…):

 Well to me it sounds like gcc5 (and maybe mpich-*gcc5) are no real
 dependencies, in particular not lib dependencies. It may be reasonable to
 have them as runtime dependencies, as otherwise the whole port is useless.

 I just wonder what exactly are the dependencies of this port? I understand
 that you need MPICH, but which version of MPICH whould you pick? Does it
 make any sense to link build against any mpich for a different compiler
 other then gcc5? I guess it does not. So this would make `mpich-gcc5` or
 `mpich-devel-gcc5`, maybe `mpich-*gcc6` the set of possible mpich

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