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#47806: OpenCoarrays @1.0
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Comment (by damian@…):

 Replying to [comment:18 fanfarillo.gcc@…]:
 > Replying to [comment:17 petr@…]:
 > It might make sense for testing purposes, like compiling the source
 Fortran file with gcc5 and use intelmpi as transport layer (which is
 compiled for Intel). Anyway, the most common and useful case is the one
 with mpich compiled for gcc5. Gcc5 is currently the only compiler using
 opencoarrays, without it opencoarrays is useless.

 Not useless.  Just so everyone knows, we are working on a version of
 OpenCoarrays that will work with any Fortran compiler and there has
 already been some user interest in this option on the OpenCoarrays mailing
 list.   The syntax users get with gcc is nicer for many use cases, but
 there are even some use cases where the syntax of the user code will be
 identical whether the user is compiling with gcc or another compiler.  In
 fact, I just published a journal article that studies an application for
 which the source would be identical whether using OpenCoarrays with gcc or
 another compiler and just today I found out about another application for
 which the same statement is true.  There will be a strong preference for
 gcc for the foreseeable future, but I expect other compilers to become a
 reasonable option soon.


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