[MacPorts] #48086: mpich subports use -devel suffix incorrectly

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#48086: mpich subports use -devel suffix incorrectly
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Component:  ports         |    Version:  2.3.99
 Keywords:                |       Port:  mpich
 The mpich port's subports use the -devel suffix incorrectly.

 The correct way is that the set of files installed by a port (e.g. mpich-
 gcc5) is more or less identical to the set of files installed by its
 -devel counterpart (e.g. mpich-devel-gcc5), and that because the ports
 install the same files to the same places, the ports are marked as
 conflicting with one another. The ports are thus interchangeable. For
 example, a user can deactivate mpich-gcc5 and install mpich-devel-gcc5,
 and any ports declaring dependencies on mpich-gcc5 using a path:-style
 dependency will still work. Documentation about -devel ports is pending
 but see #14540 for a basic description of the expectations.

 This is not how the mpich subports currently work. In fact e.g. mpich-gcc5
 and mpich-devel-gcc5 do not have any files in common at all, and they can
 be installed simultaneously. This is specifically not desired in this
 case, and should be corrected so that -devel and non-devel ports install
 the same files and conflict.

 This also means that the -devel ports should present themselves under the
 non-devel name in the "port select" interface.

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