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#48088: proposed improvements to port:qt5-mac
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Comment (by rjvbertin@…):

 Next up: the `qt5-mac` Portfile, again as a diff against the current
 mainstream version, and the raw file. The changeset here is more or less
 the minimal one required to build Qt5 with my PortGroup *and* bring the
 port on par with `qt4-mac`concerning the headerfiles, pkgconfig files and
 the principle of providing standard shared libraries (.dylibs) in addition
 to the framework bundles. Michaelld has found good reason to do this;
 without proof to the contrary I think it's wise to do the same thing (it
 certainly shouldn't hurt). I also rolled the sqlite3 plugin back into the
 main port; as explained elsewhere this was a suggestion from Bradley
 (pixilla) inspired by the fact that some of the applications installed by
 the main ports require this plugin. This "fix" is easier than moving the
 applications in question to their own port.

 The changes have inline comments, and there are a number of additional
 remarks throughout the file; all carry my 4CC (RJVB) as a (temporary!)

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