[MacPorts] #48090: mpich-* @3.1.4: "ccache" and "distcc" get written into wrapper scripts

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Wed Jun 17 20:53:07 PDT 2015

#48090: mpich-* @3.1.4: "ccache" and "distcc" get written into wrapper scripts
 Reporter:  larryv@…     |      Owner:  eborisch@…
     Type:  defect       |     Status:  new
 Priority:  Normal       |  Milestone:
Component:  ports        |    Version:  2.3.3
 Keywords:               |       Port:  mpich-clang mpich-clang33 mpich-
                         |  clang34 mpich-clang35 mpich-clang36 mpich-
                         |  clang37 mpich-default mpich-devel mpich-devel-
                         |  clang mpich-devel-clang33 mpich-devel-clang34
                         |  mpich-devel-clang35 mpich-devel-clang36 mpich-
                         |  devel-clang37 mpich-devel-default mpich-devel-
                         |  dragonegg33 mpich-devel-dragonegg34 mpich-
                         |  devel-gcc43 mpich-devel-gcc44 mpich-devel-gcc45
                         |  mpich-devel-gcc46 mpich-devel-gcc47 mpich-
                         |  devel-gcc48 mpich-devel-gcc49 mpich-devel-gcc5
                         |  mpich-devel-gcc6 mpich-devel-llvm mpich-
                         |  dragonegg33 mpich-dragonegg34 mpich-gcc43
                         |  mpich-gcc44 mpich-gcc45 mpich-gcc46 mpich-gcc47
                         |  mpich-gcc48 mpich-gcc49 mpich-gcc5 mpich-gcc6
                         |  mpich-llvm
 The MPICH wrapper scripts remember the compilers used to create them.
 # Default settings for compiler, flags, and libraries.
 # Determined by a combination of environment variables and tests within
 # configure (e.g., determining whehter -lsocket is needee)

 If a user has enabled `configureccache` or `configuredistcc`, then that
 will get baked into the wrapper scripts as well.
 CC="ccache /opt/local/bin/gcc-mp-5"
 This is undesirable; I ran into problems accessing the ccache cache while
 trying to compile other ports. I’ve attached a patch that fixes this by
 disabling the use of ccache and distcc. (I don’t know whether all the
 revbumps are necessary.)

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