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#48088: proposed improvements to port:qt5-mac
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Comment (by mcalhoun@…):

 There are allot of things to discuss, so here goes:

 = Easy Fixes and Changes (if necessary) =
 Whitespace changes, rewording comments, and changing code order for
 !''better readability!'':[[BR]]
 We can probably worry about these later. Right now, they just makes
 finding important changes harder.

 Renaming port to qt5:[[BR]]
 The name qt5-mac may not have been the optimal choice, but is it really a
 What is wrong with
 {{{ support qt5-x11 {...} }}}
 in the Portfile if one so desires?[[BR]]
 Like the whitespace changes, I am trying to discern high priority problems
 from low priority.

 "[T]he docs subport should be renamed such that it comes last during an
 `upgrade outdated`":[[BR]]
 Is this a personal preference, or is there a problem?

 "use the code below ">>>..." instead of this block, which fails to
 populate qt_includes_dir completely.":[[BR]]
 Which header code is not properly installed?

 "what's the point in not optimising qmake?":[[BR]]
 {{{-no-optimized-qmake}}} is the default behavior.[[BR]]
 My default position is to use the default unless there is a compelling
 reason to change (see e.g. this (fixed)
 [https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTBUG-5986 bug]).[[BR]]
 Of course, reasonable people can easily disagree on what constitutes a
 "compelling reason."

 Do not explicitly set default options (e.g. {{{-qml-debug}}} and
 This is a resonable point.

 Changing {{{qt-project.org }}} to {{{qt.io}}} should definitely be
 Putting {{{reinplace ...}}} into a {{{post-patch}}} should be done
 (definitely a bug, although not one that has surfaced yet).

 "[T]he sqlite3 plugin ("sqlite") should  be re-absorbed into the main
 Forgive me, but I am having a little difficulty understanding the
 What is wrong with
 {{{depends_lib-append port:qt5-mac-sqlite3-plugin}}}
 if the plugin is necessary?[[BR]]
 Why would "moving the applications in question to their own port" be
 The reasons are "explained elsewhere."[[BR]]
 Is there a reference available?

 Remove pulseaudio dependency:[[BR]]
 This is a reasonable point.[[BR]]
 If few people or ports need pulseaudio support, it is probably best to
 create a variant.

 = Fundamental Issue(s) =
 I have not gone through every line of code in detail, but the rest of the
 proposed changes seem to revolve around moving header, library, and
 configuration files to different locations.[[BR]]
 I strongly believe installing Qt in one place is the best way to go.
 * It is the default behavior
     * If you download and install Qt, it all goes in one place, which
 means that it is probably better supported
     * Qt is a big piece of software and does not always like surprises
 (i.e. non-default behavior)
         * A simple example: without a patch, part of Qt assumes the
 library is {{{${qt_dir}/lib}}} no matter what the configure option
 {{{-libdir}}} is (see patch-shared.diff).
         * Another simple example: we have to clear the MacPorts variables
 (e.g. {{{configure.cflags}}}) to maintain consistency throughout the
         * From my own experience: Some time ago, QtCreator was regularly
 crashing. When I went back to the defaults, it worked correctly. I
 probably should have tracked down the error, but for the most part, I just
 want software installation to work smoothly so I can use it.
 * It is ''much'' easier to maintain.
     * Making significant changes to a port requires significant testing
 for every major (or not so major) upgrade.
         * This takes maintainer time (a precious commodity if ever there
 was one).
         * This delays upgrades.
     * The fewer changes that are made, the fewer things can go wrong.
 * It makes installing multiple versions of Qt trivial (#44193).

 There are, of course, a few disadvantages:
 * pkgconfig files are not found automatically.
 * Library and header files are not found automatically.
 * qmake is not found automatically
 * As noted earlier, it is not the same "scheme used by Linux distros."
 * Other problems of which I am unaware.

 I think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

 = Conclusion =
 Please forgive me for the long post, but many changes have been proposed,
 and I wanted to make sure all work was recognized.[[BR]]
 If I have missed or misunderstood any concerns, please feel free to
 correct me.[[BR]]
 I think Qt is a very useful piece of software, and it would be nice if we
 had a fully functioning version in MacPorts.

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