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#48088: proposed improvements to port:qt5-mac
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Comment (by rjvbertin@…):

 > One exception: I've been running into a missing symbol issue with
 version 3.4.1, but that has nothing to do with the install location
 > (and probably everything with the fact that the default Qt build on 10.9
 somehow uses the 10.10 SDK).

 Preliminary results indicate that this is indeed the case and that at
 least on OS X 10.9, Qt5 should be built with `-sdk macosx10.9` :

    if {${configure.sdkroot} ne ""} {
        configure.args-append \
            -sdk [string tolower [join [lrange [split [lindex [split
 ${configure.sdkroot} "/"] end] "."] 0 end-1] "."]]
 -    }
 +    } else {
 +        # default: build for the current OS version, requesting the
 corresponding SDK explicitly
 +        configure.args-append \
 +            -sdk [string tolower "macosx10.[expr ${os.major} - 4]"]
 +    }

 unless someone can come up with a good argument why it's preferable always
 to build with the latest SDK available, even if it's newer than the host

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