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#48108: qt5-mac fails to install
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Comment (by rjvbertin@…):

 Curious error message:

 :info:build make[3]: *** No rule to make target `rendering/style/GridT',
 needed by `.obj/svg/SVGAllInOne.o'.  Stop.

 I have the object file, but the only thing matching the missing target is
 src-5.4.2//qtwebkit/Source/WebCore/rendering/style/GridTrackSize.h` . On
 first sight I'd say that either something goes very wrong during the
 configure step, or else we're seeing a form of logfile corruption caused
 by several processes writing at once (those usuallllyyy tttaaakkkeee
 ttthhhiiisss fffooorrrmmm ttthhhoououugh ;)).

 do you get this exact error systematically?

 How many parallel jobs do you use for building?

 As an experiment (mostly meant to help looking for an answer), I'd invite
 you to do the following in a terminal window:
 > cd `port work qt5-mac`
 > sudo -u macports vi .macports.qt5-mac.state

 (or use any text editor you prefer, or pico)
 remove the line that says `target: org.macports.configure` and everything
 below it, save the file and exit from the editor

 Then repeat the `port` command that failed earlier, but add `-v` before
 the `install` command. This will make the build process repeat the
 configure step, and then will build only some of the things you already
 built, plus anything not already built. If the same error occurs (you'll
 see it on your terminal this time, because of `-v`), repeat the command
 once more but this time add `build.jobs=1` at the end of the line.
 Hopefully that will give a slightly more readable (and a certainly
 shorter) log, so please upload it.

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