[MacPorts] #45521: osxfuse fails to load on Yosemite due to unsigned kext

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Mon Jun 22 19:16:05 PDT 2015

#45521: osxfuse fails to load on Yosemite due to unsigned kext
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      Type:  defect              |     Status:  closed
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 Component:  ports               |    Version:  2.3.2
Resolution:  fixed               |   Keywords:  yosemite
      Port:  osxfuse             |

Comment (by macosx12345@…):

 Replying to [comment:31 fw@…]:
 > It's certainly not exactly the same issue, since 10.6 has no kext
 signing requirement.  Perhaps there's something wrong with your build
 system that causes kexts to build incorrectly.  You don't mention using
 kextutil to see what OSX was complaining about.

 That's true. Actually, there is an architecture mismatch:
 $ sudo kextutil
     Executable does not contain code for architecture:
 The kext was built only for x86_64 whereas the kernel is i386.

 One way to fix this for me was to restore the use of @@KERNELARCHS@@ (both
 in the Portfile and in `patch-buildsystem.diff`) which was deleted in
 r131918 following #45794, so as to fix build on PPC. It seems that your
 concern in https://trac.macports.org/ticket/45794#comment:4 was justified:
 in my case (Intel MacBookPro running 10.6.8) the wrong architecture is
 chosen by the build system.

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