[MacPorts] #48152: wxMaxima will not launch unless explicitly called with "open" command

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Tue Jun 23 12:04:52 PDT 2015

#48152: wxMaxima will not launch unless explicitly called with "open" command
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 I was asked to open a new ticket after today posting to ticket #47755.

 Here's what I said:

 I would like to report that I can no longer launch wxmaxima directly.
 It'll launch if I use "open /path/to/wxmaxima.app," though not just by
 inputting "wxmaxima" as with other ports. Inputting "maxima" works just
 fine. Why might this be? I figure it has something to do with the removal
 of the above symlink and I know for a fact that "/Applications/MacPorts/"
 was never part of my PATH variable. Even so, I did try, in succession,
 adding "/Applications/MacPorts/" and "/Applications/MacPorts/wxMaxima.app"
 to my PATH and still it would not launch with "wxmaxima."

 Here's some other stuff I tried. I "sudo port selfupdate" and "sudo port
 upgrade outdated". I did it once more just to be sure. Unfortunately, the
 problem persists.

 Initially, I also had a problem with wxmaxima not being able to connect to
 maxima. This was resolved by making sure that wxMaxima was listening to
 the default port of xmaxima. Or, at least I think that's what did it.
 Actually, I just played around with the port option and apparently it
 still works, so...mystery. It connects so whatever.

 I thought briefly about nuking my Macports installation, but that seems
 like overkill as it seems that the problem is just with maxima. Honestly,
 I'm so confused. There's also xmaxima -- where does that fit it in??

 To sum up, what might explain the inability to launch wxmaxima from
 command line?

 Here's my PATH:



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