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#48164: port request: 'asciinema'
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 The 'asciinema' utility is very handy for recording terminal key strokes
 and related output for later demonstration or teaching/sharing purposes.

 The following command will start the recording of a terminal session
 (which can be ended by typing "exit" or hitting 'ctrl+D'):

    asciinema rec -w 1 my.session

 The `-w 1` parameter will limit periods of non-activity to 1 second max.
 The next command will replay the same session:

     asciinema play my.session

 The software is Free (GPL3), with source code (written in Go and
 JavaScript) on GitHub:


 The files it writes ('my.session' above) are Unicode text files, and can
 easily be edited after recording (f.e. to fix typos).

 You can view one asciinema screencast which I made yesterday here:


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