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#47823: New port: osc2midi
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Comment (by ryandesign@…):

 It is possible to combine multiple installable ports into a single
 portfile, using the `subport` keyword. I don't think this feature has been
 documented yet, so you'll have to look at existing portfiles that use the

 It's useful when the two (or more) ports are similar in some way. I often
 use this when a single downloaded source file has multiple components that
 should be installable as separate ports. For example, the
 [browser:trunk/dports/lang/pure/Portfile pure portfile] has a pure-mode.el

 Some other MacPorts developers like to use this facility when multiple
 versions of a port should be offered (e.g. development and stable), and
 those versions are similar in how they build. The
 [browser:trunk/dports/devel/cmake/Portfile cmake portfile] gives an
 example of this. I myself tend to keep these as separate portfiles. This
 is in part because I developed the ports before subport capability existed
 in MacPorts, but also because I sometimes run into the situation where the
 development version differs significantly enough from the stable version
 that using subports would be complicated. Also, the
 [browser:users/ryandesign/scripts/portcheckup script] I use for
 automatically updating the version and checksums of a portfile does not
 work when there are multiple versions of the software represented in a
 single portfile.

 Also, see the [browser:trunk/dports/graphics/graphviz/Portfile graphviz]
 and [browser:trunk/dports/graphics/graphviz-devel/Portfile graphviz-devel]
 portfiles. Note that the graphviz portfile has graphviz-gui and gvedit
 subports, and that the graphviz-devel portfile has graphviz-gui-devel and
 gvedit-devel subports. Merging all of these into a single portfile would
 be complicated. I tried this in the
 [browser:trunk/dports/lang/php/Portfile php portfile], which currently has
 224 subports (covering six versions of php having thirty-something modules
 each). It works, but is very complicated and I'm not sure I would do it
 that way again.

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