[MacPorts] #48168: openmpi @1.7.5_5: update to 1.8.6 (was: openmpi Update to 1.8.6)

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Thu Jun 25 09:58:45 PDT 2015

#48168: openmpi @1.7.5_5: update to 1.8.6
  Reporter:  hans.ekkehard.plesser@…             |      Owner:  sean@…
      Type:  update                              |     Status:  new
  Priority:  Normal                              |  Milestone:
 Component:  ports                               |    Version:  2.3.3
Resolution:                                      |   Keywords:
      Port:  openmpi openmpi-clang openmpi-      |
  clang33 openmpi-clang34 openmpi-clang35        |
  openmpi-clang36 openmpi-clang37 openmpi-       |
  default openmpi-dragonegg33 openmpi-           |
  dragonegg34 openmpi-gcc5 openmpi-gcc6          |
  openmpi-gcc43 openmpi-gcc44 openmpi-gcc45      |
  openmpi-gcc46 openmpi-gcc47 openmpi-gcc48      |
  openmpi-gcc49 openmpi-llvm                     |
Changes (by larryv@…):

 * cc: sean@… (removed)
 * owner:  macports-tickets@… => sean@…
 * port:  openmpi =>
     openmpi openmpi-clang openmpi-clang33 openmpi-clang34 openmpi-clang35
     openmpi-clang36 openmpi-clang37 openmpi-default openmpi-dragonegg33
     openmpi-dragonegg34 openmpi-gcc5 openmpi-gcc6 openmpi-gcc43 openmpi-
     gcc44 openmpi-gcc45 openmpi-gcc46 openmpi-gcc47 openmpi-gcc48 openmpi-
     gcc49 openmpi-llvm


 I neglected to add the new variants in r137946, so I did so in r138003 and
 r138005. Please create a new patch against the latest version.

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