[MacPorts] #48174: Packages server: No space left on device

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Thu Jun 25 18:13:40 PDT 2015

#48174: Packages server: No space left on device
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 The packages server (packages.macports.org) ran out of disk space while
 the Yosemite buildbot builder was trying to upload packages to it:


 rsync: write failed on
 No space left on device (28)

 Packages accumulate over time as existing ports are updated and as new
 ports are added, so disk usage only increases.

 Joshua wrote a script that deletes obsolete packages which should free up
 some space: browser:users/jmr/delete_old_archives/delete_old_archives.py

 There is no automated process that runs this script regularly. Perhaps
 just running it manually now would help.

 It would be good to proactively monitor disk usage on MacPorts servers,
 rather than let things grind to a halt when the disks get completely full.

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