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#51030: snort @ Update to
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     Type:  update          |     Status:  new
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Component:  ports           |    Version:  2.3.4
 Keywords:  haspatch        |       Port:  snort
 snort has been updated to version New this version:

 * New additions
  *  Future-flow and DNS API exposed to lua detector.
  *  Double VLAN tagging support.

 * Improvements
  *  Performance improvements to AppID.
  *  Stability improvements to file and ftp_telnet preprocessor.
  *  Fixed several issues with SDF and obfuscation.
  *  Resolved an issue of improper handling of malformed DNS host in AppID.
  *  HTTP PAF accepts all tokens between method and version strings in a
 request URI.
  *  Resolved snort build issue with "--disable-perfprofiling" configure
  *  Enhanced mime parsing by adding support for detecting files after
 unknown headers and no headers.
  *  Fixed issue with gzip decompression. If the server response specifies
 Content-Encoding as GZIP, but no Content-Length field for HTTP ver 1.0.
  *  End of Header(EOH) identification for HTTP response header spanning
 multiple packets.
  *  Improved packet reassembly for HTTP.
  *  Fixed Flash LZMA decompression issue.

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