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#51052: gtk3 @3.20.2 +quartz build error on Mac OS X 10.7
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Comment (by friedrich.beckmann@…):

 Replying to [comment:12 mojca@…]:
 > Friedrich, do you know how to create a very minimal Cocoa app that
 listens to mouse events?

 Hi Mojca,

 I am also not an experienced Apple programmer. But maybe you could follow
 the path that I walked... I take the gtk3 source tree from git. I have
 installed macports, so I do not need additional libraries - I just take
 the ones from macports. This only works with the version of gtk3 similar
 to the installed macports one because of the dependencies. Today this
 works on the gtk-3-20 branch. So I checkout the gtk-3-20 branch. Then I
 run the autogen.sh script for aclocal and friends. Then I run a new
 configure with

 ./configure --disable-x11-backend --enable-quartz-backend --enable-
 debug=yes LDFLAGS=-L/opt/local/lib CPPFLAGS=-I/opt/local/include

 to use the macports libraries. Maybe the options could be given to
 autogen.sh already. Then I can do

 make install

 to install everything in my local directory given by --prefix

 Then I can run

 <prefix>/bin/gtk3-demo --run gestures

 which is my application to handle the events. For inspection and debugging
 I added various printfs in gdkevents-quartz.c to see which events are
 generated by MacOS.

 For example some printfs here:

 This is how I did it.


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