[MacPorts] #51052: gtk3 @3.20.2 +quartz build error on Mac OS X 10.7

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#51052: gtk3 @3.20.2 +quartz build error on Mac OS X 10.7
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Comment (by mojca@…):

 I did some mouse event debugging some time ago and I clearly remember
 problems with so simple and stupid cases like scrolling or resizing a

 With an old mouse wheel one would get huge discrete steps. With a trackpad
 on Mac one could get 20 or 50 events for what would be a "single move". In
 gnuplot with Qt backend this ends up as a completely useless feature
 because a graph with million or ten million points would be recalculated
 and redrawn 50 times just to change the window size and I remember that I
 didn't see any reasonable workaround back then without rewriting a lot of
 core gnuplot functionality. But maybe I should look again.

 I have the following code in
 /* The phase of a gesture scroll event. A gesture phrase are all the
    that begin with a NSEventPhaseBegan and end with either a
    or NSEventPhaseCancelled. All the gesture events are sent to the view
    the cursor when the NSEventPhaseBegan occurred.
    A gesture scroll event starts with a NSEventPhaseBegan phase and ends
    a NSPhaseEnded. Legacy scroll wheel events (say from a Mighty Mouse)
    and momentum scroll wheel events have a phase of NSEventPhaseNone.
    Valid for NSScrollWheel
 - (NSEventPhase)phase NS_AVAILABLE_MAC(10_7);

 So I don't believe that `phase` isn't known in 10.7.

 Do you see any parameters that shouldn't be in this call?
 Invalid message sent to event "NSEvent:

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