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#51087: New port: asciidoctor
  Reporter:  guido@…      |      Owner:  macports-tickets@…
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 Component:  ports        |    Version:  2.3.4
Resolution:               |   Keywords:  textproc
      Port:  asciidoctor  |

Comment (by guido@…):

 Replying to [comment:1 cal@…]:
 > I think you can avoid the post-destroot block if you add
 > {{{
 > ruby.link_binaries_suffix
 > }}}
 > i.e. set the suffix to empty somewhere after `ruby.setup`.

 Thank you for thinking along with me. I didn't like the post-destroot
 solution either. However I've just tried your suggestion but then I get
 the error:

 Error: Unable to open port: invalid command name

 Reading ruby-1.0.tcl shows "ruby.link_binaries_suffix" '''not''' to be an
 option. Hence doing something like:

 ruby.link_binaries_suffix    none

 Doesn't work either. Unless you have got another suggestion, I'll leave
 the post-destroot in there.

 > Please also decide whether you want to mark the port as openmaintainer
 as explained at https://guide.macports.org/#project.update-

 Thank you for pointing that out to me. I've have added openmaintainer to
 the maintainer option. I'll attach a new version of the Portfile.

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