[MacPorts] #51089: hdf5 netcdf version problem

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Tue Apr 12 08:35:11 PDT 2016

#51089: hdf5 netcdf version problem
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 Component:  ports              |    Version:  2.3.4
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      Port:  hdf5 netcdf        |

Comment (by mmoll@…):

 I am the maintainer of hdf5. I apologize for the mess that the version
 bump of hdf5 has caused. I am currently traveling and don't know when I'll
 be able to fix this. Takeshi, feel free to restore the previous version of
 hdf5 as a new port hdf5-18. In fact, feel free to add yourself as
 maintainer to hdf5 as well. Since you are maintaining several ports that
 critically depend on hdf5, that might not be a bad idea. We used to use
 hdf5 heavily internally for a couple projects, but lately I haven't used
 it much myself. From my limited testing of hdf5 1.10 I didn't anticipate
 all these difficulties.

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