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#51158: port submission: arcanist
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Comment (by rjvbertin@…):

 > * Why is libphutil a subport of arcanist? Why are these not separate
 ports? They don't appear to have much Portfile code in common.

 No, but there also isn't much Portfile code that is *not* in common ;)
 (esp. if you ignore the checksum lines).
 Until proof of the contrary, libphutil is something used just by arcanist.
 Putting both ports in a single portfile makes maintenance easier even if
 they there isn't much shared code. They'll typically be updated at the
 same time, for instance.

 > * Why is the php portgroup used? The portgroup is intended for ports of
 PHP modules. Are either of these ports PHP modules? Based on the
 descriptions, I'm assuming they aren't, and that you're merely trying to
 add a dependency on the latest version of PHP. If so, what you should do
 instead is to declare variants for each supported version of PHP.

 In fact I was hoping to do something as with perl, just declare on
 whatever is the default version. In reality I could have skipped the whole
 php dependency because the code runs fine with the system php (that's
 documented in the official install instructions).

 > * And you should not use `system` to call `cp -pR`; instead, use the
 `copy` procedure.

 Does that preserve file time stamps and symlinks? If not I could use `file

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