[MacPorts] #51197: goldendict: build fails with ffmpeg-3.0+

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Thu Apr 21 12:39:51 PDT 2016

#51197: goldendict: build fails with ffmpeg-3.0+
 Reporter:  devans@…  |      Owner:  ryandesign@…
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Component:  ports     |    Version:
 Keywords:  haspatch  |       Port:  goldendict
 As noted in #50694, the current version of goldendict fails to build with
 ffmpeg 3.0+ due to the use of deprecated API removed that has been removed
 in 3.0. The problem has now been
 addressed upstream].

 Attached is a patch that backports these changes to the current release
 version.  With this patch applied goldendict now builds correctly using
 either ffmpeg 2.8 or ffmpeg 3.0. I suggest committing these changes now
 allowing the port to be updated to ffmpeg 3.0 with a simple revbump when
 that port is committed.

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