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#51089: hdf5 netcdf version problem
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Comment (by gnurser@…):

 Hi, the two different versions of hdf5 are causing me problems with
 netcdf: I also have installed py27-h5py and py27-tables which depend on
 straight hdf5 (v 1.10): this means that I have the hdf5 1.10 headers
 installed in /opt/local/include, while the hdf5-18 headers are in
 Unfortunately, the build of netcdf is taking the  hdf5 1.10 headers from
 /opt/local/include but linking to hdf5-18, giving the mismatch warning &

 I worked round the problem by moving the hdf5 1.10 headers into a
 directory /opt/local/include/hdf5-110, but a cleaner solution is required.
 netcdf 4.4.1 should be out very soon, so hopefully we won't need hdf-18
 anymore ...

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