[MacPorts] #51212: cmus: build fails with ffmpeg-3.0+

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Fri Apr 22 15:41:02 PDT 2016

#51212: cmus: build fails with ffmpeg-3.0+
 Reporter:  devans@…  |      Owner:  g5pw@…
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 Keywords:  haspatch  |       Port:  cmus
 As noted in #50694, the current version of cmus fails to build with ffmpeg
 3.0+ due to the use of deprecated API removed in 3.0.

 The attached patch applies recent upstream commits that address this issue
 allowing the port to build with either ffmpeg 2.8.6 or 3.0+. I suggest
 committing these changes now so that the port can be updated to build with
 ffmpeg 3.0 with a simple revbump when that port is committed.

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