[MacPorts] #51218: py-minecraft-overviewer: new port

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Sat Apr 23 04:26:15 PDT 2016

#51218: py-minecraft-overviewer: new port
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 Keywords:  haspatch    |       Port:  py-minecraft-overviewer
 I'm attaching a preliminary port for Minecraft-Overviewer
   * http://overviewer.org/

 I didn't test which dependencies are needed yet, but the only remaining
 problem is that it needs files from PIL (or Pillow) and I would like to
 avoid rewriting "half of MacPorts" just to be able to get access to the
 same files that are used by py-pil/py-Pillow (I would probably need to
 extract the tarball unless pil[low] would install its source files

 (Any volunteers to fix fetching of that file warmly welcome ... :)

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