[MacPorts] #51227: Is Aicraken a valid part of Aircrack-ng?

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#51227: Is Aicraken a valid part of Aircrack-ng?
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 Of course, aircrack is a hacking tool: its purpose is to crack wifi
 network passwords. It's up to the user whether they will use that
 capability for good or evil.

 Maybe there is a malware called "aicraken", which includes a copy of
 aircrack which it uses to do bad things. And maybe Sophos cannot
 differentiate between this "aicraken" malware and a deliberately-installed
 copy of aircrack.

 You should be able to install aircrack with MacPorts by disabling Sophos.
 If so, you should let Sophos know about this problem so they can fix it.

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