[MacPorts] #51222: nfft-3 @3.3.1 Update Portfile for new release.

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Mon Apr 25 13:31:25 PDT 2016

#51222: nfft-3 @3.3.1 Update Portfile for new release.
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Comment (by macports@…):

 Thanks for the information. I am the maintainer of this port, though I'm
 using a different email address in this ticketing system. Here's the diff
 output when comparing to the current version:
 < version             3.3.0
 > version             3.3.1
 < master_sites        https://www-user.tu-
 < checksums           rmd160 52cac61a90a72bb25a91b3aa0d1b1692d1895e26 \
 <                     sha256
 > master_sites
 > checksums           rmd160 08b4ff6b8d35b2ebc90159a8e86ff400e565528c \
 >                     sha256
 > test.run yes
 > test.target check
 In essence, the version number has been bumped, the download location has
 been updated (assets are now provided directly on GitHub), and the
 optional test target has been added.

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