[MacPorts] #51054: faust-devel, faust2-devel, faustlive-devel: update to latest upstream source

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Tue Apr 26 01:50:03 PDT 2016

#51054: faust-devel, faust2-devel, faustlive-devel: update to latest upstream
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Comment (by aggraef@…):

 g5pw, there are a lot of hard-coded `/usr/local` paths in the upstream
 source which need to be changed to the MacPorts prefix. This has been in
 the Portfile all along. However, in the latest Faust source there is one
 single Makefile where the `/usr/local` path is meant literally and must be
 kept. That is achieved with the two extra reinplaces.

 The corresponding section in `tools/faust2appls/Makefile` is actually
 looking for a proprietary piece of software (Steinberg's VST SDK) outside
 the MacPorts tree. This can't really be avoided in this case, since the
 included `faust2faustvst` script needs that software, which has a
 proprietary license prohibiting redistribution and thus can't simply be
 added as a dependency in MacPorts.

 I guess that a better solution more in line with the MacPorts policies
 would be to modify the `faust2faustvst` script so that the VST SDK is
 detected at run time (rather than install time). I'll look into that asap.

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