[MacPorts] #51054: faust-devel, faust2-devel, faustlive-devel: update to latest upstream source

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#51054: faust-devel, faust2-devel, faustlive-devel: update to latest upstream
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Comment (by aggraef@…):

 Good point. In fact, I've done something similar for Arch Linux. I can
 port this package over to MacPorts at some point. The `faust2faustvst`
 script already knows about all the common SDK locations (including some
 under `/opt/local`), so once the VST SDK package is ready, the script will
 be able to work with it without any further ado.

 But in any case this shouldn't be a mandatory dependency. The
 `faust2faustvst` script is just one among many helper scripts included in
 the Faust distribution. It's by no means central to the proper functioning
 of the package, it's only needed if the user actually wants to create VST
 plug-ins using Faust. There are other helper scripts which require other
 special 3rd party software to work which aren't in the dependencies either
 (and shouldn't be, IMHO). Typically, a Faust user will only use a small
 selection of these helper scripts, if any at all. The central component of
 the faust/faust2 packages is the Faust compiler itself, and the packages
 have all the necessary dependencies to make it work.

 Therefore my suggestion would be to just commit the packages from this
 ticket as they are, and I will then provide a package for the VST SDK when
 I find the time. Ok with you?

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