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#52992: fluid-soundfont: add new sound fonts
  Reporter:  mojca                               |      Owner:  RJVB
      Type:  submission                          |     Status:  new
  Priority:  Normal                              |  Milestone:
 Component:  ports                               |    Version:
Resolution:                                      |   Keywords:  maintainer
      Port:  fluid-soundfont-gm_gs fluid-        |  haspatch
  soundfont-gu_gs                                |

Comment (by mojca):

 * I don't see any reason to keep the two sound fonts as subports of
 fluidsynth. They have different descriptions, different master sites,
 different everything. You could just as well make three ports.
 * The names are confusing enough already. I would (slightly?) prefer
 `fluid-soundfont-gm` and `fluid-soundfont-gs`. If you take all the patches
 from Debian, we could keep the naming somewhat consistent. I don't want to
 insist on that though.
 * Where did you get the
 /fluid-soundfont_3.1-5.1.diff patch] from? From
 soundfont_3.1-5.1.diff.gz Debian]? I super hate the form it has at the
 moment and would be much happier if we would split it. Else let's just
 fetch the patch from Debian directly rather than including it as a whole
 in our MP repo.
   * In particular I would prefer to provide `fluidr3_gm.cfg` and
 `fluidr3_gs.cfg` as a separate standalone file rather than a patch, but
 all other files are annoying as well and people would get temptation to
 modify them. Less annoying if we take them directly though.

 * [https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/Fedora/15/html/Musicians_Guide
 /sect-Musicians_Guide-FluidSynth-Req_and_Inst.html Fedora] recommends
 using `${prefix}/share/soundfonts`. You picked
 `${prefix}/share/sounds/sf2`. I'm not sure what other conventions are used
 elsewhere and I don't know if MacPorts already provides any sound fonts at
 * What's the relation between fluitsynth and General User GL? Is
 justified? I would kind of expect fluidsynth's documentation there and if
 the two projects are unrelated this might not be the most appropriate
 path. Same is true for other paths. But I'm not sure and I don't have any
 better idea.
 * I guess that we should be able to come up with a livecheck for

 Random thoughts:
 * The original link ([http://www.musescore.org/download/fluid-
 soundfont.tar.gz here]) contains `FluidR3 GM2-2.SF2` from 2013 rather than
 `FluidR3_GM.sf2` and `FluidR3_GS.sf2` from 2008, but I would ignore that
 fact and simply take things from Debian.
 * Now that we have an example of packaging an SF2 font, the added bonus
 (once this work gets finished) would be to take a look at
 FreePats2] again. That's also an `.sf2` file.

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