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Fri Dec 2 14:49:24 CET 2016

#52490: [Port Abandoned] Ports maintained by hum
  Reporter:  mf2k                                |      Owner:  hum@…
      Type:  defect                              |     Status:  new
  Priority:  Normal                              |  Milestone:
 Component:  ports                               |    Version:
Resolution:                                      |   Keywords:
      Port:  apache-solr3 apache-solr4 arowpp    |
  bact bayon brown-cluster cabocha caffe cedar   |
  chasen chasen-base chasen-ipadic chasen-       |
  ipadic-sjis chasen-ipadic-utf8 chasen-naist-   |
  jdic chasen-naist-jdic-sjis chasen-naist-      |
  jdic-utf8 cicada classias cpi00 crfpp crfpp-   |
  devel crfsuite cutter darts darts-clone        |
  dualist eda emacs-app emacs-mac-app expgram    |
  extractopinion gibbslda giza-pp google-glog    |
  groonga hadoop hts_engine_API irstlm jdepp     |
  jubatus jubatus-mpio jubatus-msgpack-rpc       |
  jubatus_core julius juman juman6 kakarot KNBC  |
  knp knp3 kytea lader lda-c lda-d liblbfgs      |
  liblinear libsvm libzookeeper lmdb lucene-     |
  gosen2 lucene-gosen4 mahout mallet marisa-     |
  trie mecab mecab-base mecab-ipadic mecab-      |
  ipadic-neologd mecab-ipadic-sjis mecab-        |
  ipadic-utf8 mecab-java mecab-jumandic mecab-   |
  jumandic-sjis mecab-jumandic-utf8 mecab-       |
  naist-jdic mecab-naist-jdic-sjis mecab-naist-  |
  jdic-utf8 mecab-sjis mecab-utf8 mgizapp        |
  MMDAgent mosesdecoder msgpack msgpack1         |
  normalizeNumexp oll oniguruma5 opal-ml         |
  open_jtalk openfst p5-mecab p5-termextract p5  |
  -text-csv_xs palmkit pecco pficommon pialign   |
  plda portaudio py-breadability py-chainer py-  |
  docopt py-gensim py-jubatus-client py-langid   |
  py-leveldb py-mecab py-mmh3 py-nltk py-nltk3   |
  py-pymc py-pymc3 py-sparqlwrapper py-sumy py-  |
  word2vec rb-mecab rb19-mecab re2 rnnlm         |
  seekanser sgd simstring sinsy slearp sofia-ml  |
  sparsehash sptk ssrc stanford-ner stanford-    |
  parser stanford-postagger syncha tinycdb       |
  TinySVM unidic-mecab ux-trie vowpal_wabbit     |
  wapiti word2vec yakmo yamcha zunda             |
Changes (by kurthindenburg):

 * cc: kurthindenburg (added)


 That's a lot of ports - it would be nice to hear from him before removing
 him from them all

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