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#52992: fluid-soundfont: add new sound fonts
  Reporter:  mojca                               |      Owner:  RJVB
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      Port:  fluid-soundfont-gm_gs fluid-        |
  soundfont-gu_gs                                |

Comment (by mojca):

 I attached my proposal for packaging what's in Debian (some files may be
 omitted from installation of course, but I felt it would be right to give
 some credit to Debian for making all the support files).

 Quick observations:
 * GS `fluidr3_gs.cfg` doesn't even provide support for accordion
 * GM `fluidr3_gm.cfg` is sometimes better and with more "natural" sound
 for accordion, but it sounds terrible when playing quickly and the balance
 between the high pitches for melody and the basses is not even bearable to
 listen to; so apparently I'll have to stick with FreePats.
 * `cfg` files use a mixture of LF & CRLF (may we depend on dos2unix for
 installation dependency?)

 I noticed that Debian probably puts the files to `etc/timidity`. I'm not
 sure what's better, but when I think about it, `etc` does make sense.

 > Have you checked if there's an actual difference? I have assumed that
 the Debian package maintainers would have picked that up (5 years is long,
 even for Debian).

 I have no clue how to inspect sound fonts. And anyway there is no GM and
 the licence is different and ...

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