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#52993: GNOME girl 9.6.0
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Comment (by raimue):

 I tried to build the Portfile, but the attached Portfile.9.6.0.diff​ has a
 trailing '.' at the version number and checksums are wrong as well. For
 Portfile-9.6.0-unstable​, I don't know what the original revision is
 supposed to be, it does not apply to what is currently in git master. I am
 attaching what I used now.

 With this, I can reproduce the crash when selecting a station and its
 cause on OS X 10.12:

 $ otool -tV /opt/local/bin/girl | grep -C5 '^0*100012b8c'
 0000000100012b79        movq    %rax, %rdi
 0000000100012b7c        movq    %r14, %rsi
 0000000100012b7f        callq   0x100013d0a             ## symbol stub
 for: _g_object_get_data
 0000000100012b84        movq    %rax, %rdi
 0000000100012b87        callq   0x100013e78             ## symbol stub
 for: _g_strdup
 0000000100012b8c        ud2
 0000000100012b8e        pushq   %rbp
 0000000100012b8f        movq    %rsp, %rbp
 0000000100012b92        pushq   %r14
 0000000100012b94        pushq   %rbx

 This is under the symbol `_on_stations_selector_changed` and `ud2` is the
 opcode specifically used to raise an illegal instruction exception. I
 cannot say why it ends up in your binary.

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